How to fix duplicate products with identical SKUs

How to fix duplicate products with identical SKUs

Issues covered

This article will guide you to resolve issues if you have encountered the following:

  1. Your syncing type is Vend to WooCommerce or Two-way sync
  2. there are duplicate products and duplicate SKUs in WooCommerce but do not have duplicate products in Vend
  3. You are using import by tags with the intent to filter product with a specific tag from Vend but products are still syncing to WooCommerce

If you encounter the scenarios 1 , 2 , 1 , 3, or all of the mentioned scenarios above, then perhaps you might have enabled the Shopify add-on integration in your vend account.


Duplicate products and duplicate SKUs

If you found duplicate products with identical SKUs in your WooCommerce product listings, you might want to check also if those duplicated products in WooCommerce also has been duplicating in Vend. Here is an example a duplicated product with identical product details:


If you check the duplicated product like the one cited in the example, you will notice that product has a Sell on Shopify tag which is a telltale sign that the Shopify integration in Vend has been enabled.


How to fix product duplication due to Shopify add-on in Vend

To fix the product duplication issue in WooCommerce due to Shopify, you need to disable the Shopify add-on in Vend.

  1. Go to your Vend account and select the Setup menu (with the gear icon)
  2. Find the Add-ons menu and select it.
  3. On the add-ons listings, find Shopify and unlink it


The duplication of the products in WooCommerce should have been halted right after the deactivation of the Shopify add-on.


A few things to note:

Although the deactivation of the Shopify add-on discontinues the duplication of the products in WooCommerce, it does not mean that the duplicated products that the Shopify add-on created will be removed in WooCommerce. The duplicated products still needs to be manually removed. There is a faster way to remove duplicated products by using a bulk-editing plugin called Advanced Bulk Edit.

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