Working with Table Rates

Working with Table Rates

This is a step by step article on how to configure your eParcel settings to work with your existing table rates.

In order for our plugin to recognize your orders with your existing shipping methods and have them appear on your consignments view, you will need to assign a specific charge code against each method in order to have them associated with your current contract with Aust Post and be billed according to it.

1. Go to linksync eParcel > Assign Shipping Types. Click on 'Add New'.



2. Under Shipping Type menu, select 'Shipping Description'. Then choose among your existing shipping methods listed under the Shipping Description drop down and select the appropriate charge code for each shipping type. You may refer back to the SFTP information from Aust Post that we sent you for the specific charge codes associated to your account or contact your AP manager if you're unsure which code to use. After completing the fields, Click save.




You may repeat the steps as you continue to save the rest of your shipping methods to their correct charge codes. If you have questions or concerns on this subject please don't hesitate to contact us at  




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