Working with M2ePro

Working with M2ePro

This article is an instruction guide on how to configure the settings of your eParcel extension to work with the orders from your M2ePro.


The linksync eParcel solution allows you the convenience of managing shipments for orders that flow from M2ePro. For as long as “M2ePro orders” are transported to your website seamlessly, the linksync eParcel extension can turn these orders into consignments by just a simple tweak to your settings. In order for our extension to recognise these orders as ‘eParcel’, You will need to assign the charge codes given to you by Aust Post to your existing shipping methods for eBay, and save that method among your Shipping Types. This is very similar to the steps in our article Working with Table Rates. You may refer to the said article for step by step instructions on how to save your existing shipping methods to your eParcel Shipping Types.  


If you need help and support with configuring your settings to work with your M2ePro, you may contact us at

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