eParcel for Magento - upgrading to international version

eParcel for Magento - upgrading to international version

Steps to upgrade

The upgrade to the new version is pretty simple and straight-forward: 

  1. Install the new version per our instructions for upgrading Magento plugins
  2. Go to the Consignment View - you'll be promoted to upgrade the database. Click the link to complete the upgrade. 
  3. Go to the linksync eParcel configuration settings and add/update the following options
    1. Add the LPS username and password
    2. Set Return Address values for Contact Name, Business Name, Email Address and Phone Number
    3. Review the International settings and set defaults. 
    4. Review Label settings, and set the appropriate format for the Aust Post services you use. 
    5. Save Config. 

Configuring for International Consignments

The new release functions very much the same as the previous release - consignments for both international and domestic are managed via the Consignment view. The main difference between domestic and international consignments is that you'll need to print customs documents to accompany the shipment, but if you're already doing this via the Aust Post eParcel portal then you'll already be familiar with customs docs. 

So to get started with international consignments you simply need to go to the Assigned Shipping Types view and assign your Aust Post international charge codes to your Magento shipping methods for international. 

Once you've completed this step, international orders should start showing in the Consignment view. 


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