Release Notes for linksync for WooCommerce and QuickBooks

Release Notes for linksync for WooCommerce and QuickBooks


Stable Release
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linksync for WooCommerce and Quickbooks Online makes changes to product and order data, and depending on what admin options you choose, it will sync your data between WooCommerce and QuickBooks Online. 

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Release Notes

2.5.18- 11 September 2017

2.5.17- 08 June 2017

  • Fix Wordpress error occurs after activating plugin on a freshly installed Wordpress website
  • Hide duplicate menu if there are no duplicate or empty skus in QuickBooks Online and WooCommerce

2.5.16- 07 June 2017

  • Fix wizard import progress gets stuck or in a static state when there are no products in QuickBooks Online
  • Reject Magento QuickBooks Online or other linksync api except WooCommerce QuickBooks Online api key
  • Trigger a call to plugin update URL via the API to check if linksync server can trigger automatic updates to the plugins update url
  • Added new plugin menu.
  • Added table list of duplicate or empy sku in WooCommerce and QuickBooks Online
  • Fix Product Syncing settings and Order syncing settings loading forever because of huge list of duplicate sku
  • Fix Order syncing fails if "Export as 'WooCommerce Sale'" is selected.

2.5.15- 11 May 2017

  • Remove shipping and discount trapping that prevents showing Product Syncing Settings and Order Syncing Settings
  • Updated help text
  • Added initial product syncing wizard
  • Added progressbar on syncing products
  • Fix variation not syncing to QuickBooks Online
  • Fix zero tax not create automatically 

2.5.14- 03 May 2017

  • Fix incorrect Order tax when sync to QuickBooks Online
  • Append customer order notes to QuickBooks Memo field
  • Added help message in support tab. 
  • Remove all admin notice if view is wizard
  • Added help message to the wizard

2.5.13- 21 April 2017

  • Fix Taxable Shipping in WooCommerce becomes non-taxable when synced to QuickBooks US
  • Fix Product syncing settings page loading forever
  • Fix incorrect asset account id being used in syncing products to QuickBooks
  • Added zendesk chat support
  • Added Support tab for submitting ticket support
  • Added trial message account status

2.5.12- Stable - 28 March 2017

  • Stable release

2.5.12-beta - 22 March 2017

  • Fix incorrect shipping tax name being used when the order is imported to QuickBooks

2.5.11 - 15 March 2017

  • Fix manage stock not on for QuickBooks Inventory type
  • Trim Product description to first 4000 character when syncing products to QuickBooks
  • Enlist Product that has 4000 character description 
  • Fix syncing product name error "Operation Invalid byte 1 of 1-byte UTF-8 sequence. is not supported."

2.5.10 - 13 March 2017

  • Fix product variation description not syncing to QuickBooks
  • Fix order total in QuickBooks US that is not the same with WooCommerce
  • Fix incorrect tax applied to sales receipt
  • Fix Non-taxable product tax status is changed to 'taxable' after order synced
  • Fix product variation wiped out issue after syncing from QuickBooks to WooCommerce
  • Fix WooCommerce Product variation overwritten when syncing to Woocommerce
  • Support for UTF-8 character in syncing products to QuickBooks

2.5.9 - 01 March 2017

  • Fix activation error on php 5.3 and below
  • Fix WooCommerce variable product not becoming non-taxable when syncing to QuickBooks US account
  • Fix QuickBooks US shipping Tax issue
  • Update Product Status help text

2.5.8 - 23 February 2017

  • Fix incorrect Deposit Account list
  • Fix Database error on installing 
  • Added default selected option in the wizard
  • Update error message for empty class and location.
  • Show error message on product edit page if the product was not synced to QuickBooks
  • Show error message on order edit page if the order was not synced to QuickBooks
  • Set product to private if exist.

2.5.7 - 02 February 2017

  • Fix QuickBooks purchase information and cost price nullification when Woocommerce product sync was triggered
  • Fix Woocommerce Private product becoming inactive after syncing to QuickBooks
  • Fix QuickBooks Non-inventory and Service product having enable stock in Woocomerce
  • Fix QuickBooks US order not coinciding with Woocommerce Order Details
  • Fix QuickBooks Us taxable product becoming None taxable in Woocommerce and vice versa

2.5.6 - 02 February 2017

  • Fix incorrect Deposit Accounts list
  • Enhance duplicate sku checker
  • Set none taxable to product to have 'Zero Rate' tax class on saving
  • Update and merge Vend updates

2.5.5 - 24 January 2017

  • Product not syncing to QuickBooks when site's api key was changed or updated.
  • Prevent parent variable product being imported to QuickBooks.
  • Added error message if there are no QuickBooks Accounts (Expense,Inventory and Income) being saved under Product Syncing settings.
  • Added error message to create QuickBooks tax if the plugin detected that it has no data.

2.5.4 - 16 January 2017

  • Fix Woocommerce description broken when QuickBooks description contains html tags.
  • Added button to set empty sku automatically if the plugin detected that woocommerce product has empty sku.
  • Added button to make sku unique if the plugin detected that woocommerce product has duplicate sku.

2.5.3 - 3 January 2017

  • Fixed error on adding new product via Woocommerce that is linked to QuickBooks Essential Account
  • Fixed tax issue.
  • Fixed GST in Woocommerce is not in synced correctly in QuickBooks GST calculations 
  • Added plugin Wizard for both QuickBooks and Vend Application
  • Updated plugins Updater

2.5.2 - 28 December 2016

  • Fix syncing to QuickBooks even though Product Syncing Settings is "QuickBooks to Woocommerce"
  • Update Woocommerce product automatically when updating it via QuickBooks. What triggers a sync?
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