Order Syncing Settings

Order Syncing Settings

This page covers the various options available when syncing orders between QuickBooks Online and WooCommerce.



Order Syncing Type

Use these settings to set your order syncing method. Please refer to Syncing options for choosing the right order syncing option for your business. 

Customer Export

If you'd like customer data, such as name, email address and shipping and billing address, to be included when importing/exporting orders, then select Export Customer data option. 

If on the other hand you're not interested in including the customer information, simply select the Export as 'Woocommerce Sale' option. The Export as 'Woocommerce Sale' is only applicable if the Post to QuickBooks as Sales Receipt is enabled. 

Post to QuickBooks as

Your orders in Woocommerce may sync to QuickBooks Online in 2 ways:

1. Sales Receipt - When selecing this, your order in Woocommerce will sync to QuickBooks Online as a Sales Receipt in your  order setting. This setting does not require any customer data, and may take an order as a Woocommerce Sale only. However, an email address is needed for the sale to sync properly. 

a. Deposit Account - Select the option to match with the default setting of your orders in QuickBooks Online. 

b. Payment Method - Select the payment methods to match with your existing methods in QuickBooks Online. 

2. Invoice - When selecting this, your order in Woocommerce will sync to QuickBooks Online as an Invoice in your QuickBooks Online order setting. This setting requires customer data and an email address in order for the sale to sync properly. 

Order status

In the case of QuickBooks Online orders being imported into WooCommerce, use this option to select the default status of the order when it's imported. In most cases you will set this to 'Completed'.

If you're exporting orders from WooCommerce to QuickBooks Online, then use this option to select what status the order must be before it is exported. Keep in mind that an order can only be exported to QuickBooks Online once, and once exported, it can not be edited in QuickBooks Online. 

Order number for QuickBooks Online

Use QuickBooks Online to set order number - When enabled, this setting will take the auto-generated Quickbooks Online Order ID.

When enabled, this setting will take the order number of the Woocommerce Sale when the order is synced to QuickBooks Online.

Tax Mapping

When syncing orders, both QuickBooks Online and WooCommerce have their own tax configurations - use these Tax Mapping settings to 'map' the QuickBooks Online taxes with those in your WooCommerce store. 



When enabled, the option you select will be the default setting of the location where your sales order will appear in QuickBooks Online. 



When enabled, the option you select will be the default setting to where your order will be assigned to. 

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