eParcel for WooCommerce - Start Here

eParcel for WooCommerce - Start Here

linksync eParcel for WooCommerce replicates the functionality you'll be familiar with when using the eParcel portal at https://online.auspost.com.au/eParcel/ - but all functionality is contained within your WooCommerce site. 


To get up and running with linksync eParcel for WooCommerce, you'll need to complete the following steps:

  1. Review our FAQs for linksync eParcel for WooCommerce to familiarise yourself with the features and limitations of the solution.

  2. Create and Register Shipping and Tracking API's.

  3. Sign up for linksync (if you haven't already) and create a linksync between eParcel and WooCommerce - in doing so you'll be issued with a unique API Key. You'll need this when configuring linksync eParcel for WooCommerce. 

  4. Install linksync eParcel for WooCommerce using the instructions at Installing linksync eParcel for WooCommerce

    Configure linksync eParcel for WooCommerce with your eParcel account details. Watch the following video - it covers everything you need to do to get started with linksync eParcel.

    For more info on subjects covered in the above video, see Admin Settings for linksync eParcel for WooCommerceShipping options for linksync eParcel for WooCommerce, and Configure your article presets
  5. Start creating consignments and articles, print labels, despatch manifests and more. Watch the following video - it covers using linksync eParcel. 

  6. Once you're familiar with using linksync eParcel for WooCommerce, set it to 'live' as detailed in the video at point 5 above. Happy shipping!
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