Installing linksync eParcel for Magento

Installing linksync eParcel for Magento

This is a guide on how to go about the installation of eParcel for Magento.

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Requires Magento 1.9.3 or below.

Want us to install linksync eParcel for Magento for you? Click here to raise a ticket and send us your login details for your Magento site and we'll take care of the rest.

There are two parts to installing linksync eParcel for Magento:

1. Installing the basic module files

Installing the basic extension files following our Installing Magento Extensions guide to install the linksync eParcel for Magento. Return to this page to complete the additional steps below.

2. Patching backend

Patch backend files so that address validation will function on the order view in Magento. 

Get the latest patch files (28 Oct 2014) by clicking here

There are some core files that do not provide us with the option to embed our own code block into them. For such cases, you will need to carefully patch our code blocks into these core files.

Important: Backup up the original files before patch up or override the core files.


These patches enable eParcel address validation and add an eParcel tab on your Magento order view. 

If the following core template files have not been modified or overwritten previously (which is usually the case in our experience), then simply replace the existing files in you installation with the following linksync patch files. If they have been modified or overwritten previously, you'll have to patch them manually. 

File 1:


File 2:



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