Using linksync eParcel for Magento

Using linksync eParcel for Magento

This guide assumes that you're already familiar with using eParcel via the portal at


For your reference, the Australia Post eParcel User Guide and support can be accessed here.

Subjects covered on this page include:


  1. Order and Consignment Management
  2. Validating Delivery Address
  3. Labels
  4. Despatching Manifests
  5. Search and Reporting


Order and Consignment Management

linksync eParcel for Magento enables you to easily manage any volume of orders for shipping with eParcel.

You do this with the eParcel Consignment view.


Validating Delivery Address

eParcel requires that all delivery addresses be validated against the Australia Post postcode database. For your reference, you can access a copy of the postcode database in pdf format here.



linksync eParcel for Magento makes eParcel label creation easy.

There are two ways you can create and print labels: at the Order View, or via the Consignment view.

 Notes about Label Management

Return Labels - the production of return labels for consignments is very much the same as production of standard labels for a consignment. If you select 'Yes' for the creation of return labels for consignments, links to those return labels will be provided on the Order View and the Consignment View. Return labels must be printed before you can Despatch a manifest. 


Despatching Manifests

Despatching manifests with linksync eParcel for Magento only takes a few moments.

Once submitted, you can then print the Manifest Summary and you're done.

  Notes about Despatching Manifests

1. Despatch botton greyed-out - the Despatch button does not become active until you have consignments assigned to the next manifest. 

2. Test and Live despatching - in the configuration settings for linksync eParcel for Magento there is the option to set the Operation Mode to either Live or Test. Test mode enables you to use and test all features of the linksync eParcel for Magento module without actually submitting a manifest to Australia Post on despatch of a manifest. Live mode will upload your manifest to Australia Post SFTP server on despatch of a manifest.


Search and Reporting

We use the Consignment Search page in linksync eParcel for Magento to search and filter consignment data.

Unlike the Consignment view, which only deals with orders awaiting despatch, the Consignment Search page enables you to search all consignments, whether they are despatched or not.

In addition, you can access the reporting and search tools on the eParcel portal at for consignments associated with despatched manifests.




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