Shipping Options for linksync eParcel for WooCommerce

Shipping Options for linksync eParcel for WooCommerce

linksync eParcel for WooCommerce works with your existing shipping methods, by applying specific Australia Post charge code to each of your shipping methods.

So if you offer In-store pickup, Standard Post, and Express post on your store, this feature lets you assign a different Charge Code to each method to determine the appropriate shipping type for the order. 

To configure, go to eParcel >> Assign Shipping Types

Click the Add New button to create a new shipping type rule. 

Select the shipping Method this new rule is to apply to, along with the Australia Post Charge Code that will apply to this shipping method, and then Save. Repeat this process for any other shipping methods you want to manage using eParcel. 

Now any current orders with a corresponding shipping method and a status of Pending or Processing, along with any new orders, will appear in the Consignment View ready for processing with linksync eParcel for WooCommerce.

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