WooCommerce and Vend - Start Here

WooCommerce and Vend - Start Here

The following guide is intended to get you up and running with linksync Vend & WooCommerce as quickly as possible. 

  1. Review our FAQs for WooCommerce & Vend to familiarise yourself with the features and limitations of the solution. 

  2. If you haven't read the FAQs at the first step, then please do so now. Many support issues are attributed to not understanding how our solution works, so it'll be time well spent.

  3. Sign up for linksync (if you haven't already) and create a linksync between Vend and WooCommerce - in doing so you'll be issued with a unique API Key. You'll need this when configuring linksync for Vend & WooCommerce. 

    Unsure about how to generate an API Key? Just watch this quick vid for steps to create one via the linksync client dashboard.

  4. Install linksync for WooCommerce using the instructions at Installing and Upgrading linksync WooCommerce 2.0.
  5. Watch the following 3 minute video covering adding your linksync API Key and configuring linksync for WooCommerce.

  6. Choose the Syncing options for Vend & WooCommerce that best suit your business.
  7. Configure your Product Sync settings.
  8. Configure your Order Sync settings.
  9. Happy syncing.
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