Product Syncing Settings

Product Syncing Settings


The product syncing capabilities are very flexible so that it can be tailored to your business needs, and the following page covers the various options. 

You access the product sync settings using the linksync link found under the WooCommerce menu. 

Product Sync Type

Use these settings to set your syncing method. Please refer to Syncing Options for choosing the right product syncing option for your business. 

Sync Reset

In order to make linksync as efficient as possible, when syncing product with Vend, we simply check for changes since the last update - there's no need to update every single product if there have been no changes for most of them. 

However, from time-to-time your WooCommerce product may get of of sync with Vend. Selecting the Sync Reset button simply resets linksync to update all products based on your existing Product Sync Settings. 

Info! If you're using Two-way or Vend to WooCommerce product syncing then any change to the settings on this page will result in a 'Sync Reset' to bring all product up-to-date with your updated settings.

Sync all product to Vend

This option will only display if you choose Two-way or WooCommerce to Vend product syncing. 

Selecting this option will sync your entire WooCommerce product catalogue to Vend, based on your existing Product Sync Settings.

The number of products you have in WooCommerce will determine how long this process will take. It takes 3-5 seconds to sync each product, depending on the performance of your server, and your geographic location. So for example, if you are syncing 500 products, you can expect the process to take between 25 to 40 minutes to complete (this is just a guide - it will be different for every linksync user). 

Syncing Options

The following covers the various syncing options and settings for syncing product data for your WooCommerce store with your Vend store. 

Some settings may only apply to certain Product Syncing types. We use the following tags to indicate the syncing options the settings below apply to. 

  • 2W - Two-way
  • V2W - Vend to WooCommerce
  • W2V - WooCommerce to Vend

Info! In the case of Two-way syncing, settings will apply to syncing both to and from WooCommerce and Vend. For example, if you need to sync the Title, changes in either Vend or WooCommerce will be synced to the other store - there is not option to only sync one-way when Two-way syncing is selected.


2W, V2W, W2V

When enabled, Product titles will be kept in sync. In WooCommerce this is the product Name and in Vend it's the Product name


2W, V2W, W2V

When enabled, product descriptions will be kept in sync.

Info! Please make sure product description does not contain HTML or Javascript codes as it will prevent the product from syncing.

Short Description

2W, V2W

When enabled, the product description from Vend will be applied to the Product Short Description in WooCommerce.

Info! Please make sure product description does not contain HTML or Javascript codes as it will prevent the product from syncing.


2W, V2W, W2V

When enabled, prices will be kept in sync. 

Excluding Tax - depending on how you have configured product pricing in your WooCommerce store and what taxes you have configured in your Vend store, use this option to set if product pricing should Exclude tax or not. 

For example, if your product in Vend has VAT, and you want to 'retail price' ie. the price including VAT to be use when syncing, then you would not select this option. If, however, you wanted to use the price before VAT, then you would select this option. 

Tax Mapping - When syncing products, both Vend and WooCommerce have their own tax configurations - use these Tax Mapping settings to 'map' the Vend taxes with those in your WooCommerce store. 

Note that the mapping is used to specify the Tax Class for a product in WooCommerce, and the Sales tax for a product in Vend, depending on which Product Syncing Type you select. 


2W, V2W, W2V

When enabled, product quantities will be kept in sync. 

Outlet - If you have more than one outlet in your Vend store you will have the option of choosing which outlet/s you want to keep in sync with. 

In the case of Two-way and WooCommerce to Vend  Product Syncing Types, you must choose a specific outlet to keep in sync with. 

If you're using Vend to WooCommerce then you can select multiple outlets to aggregate inventory from. 

For example, lets say you product 'XYZ' and you have three Outlets

Stock for XYZ:

Outlet 1: 5
Outlet 2: 3
Outlet 3: 104
Sum:      112

If you select all three outlets, then the product quantity synced to WooCommerce for product XYZ will be 112. If you select Outlet 1 and Outlet 3 it'd be 109. 

For more information on outlets visit

Change product status in WooCommerce based on stock quantity - this setting only applies to WooCommerce - select this option if you want product with inventory quantities of 0 (zero) or less to be made unavailable for purchase in your WooCommerce store. In the case of simple product this option will set them them to draft, and in the case of Variable products, the variation would be set to Out of stock


2W, V2W, W2V

If you have the Brands extension from WooThemes installed and enabled, this option will be displayed, and will enable you to keep the Brand fields in sync depending on which Product Syncing Type you select.


2W, V2W, W2V

When enabled, product tags will be kept in sync. If you use tags for the Categories , or for the Import by tag options below, then you may opt not to enable this option as you might have tags you don't want displayed to visitors of your store. 


2W, V2W

This option only applies to product syncing to WooCommerce, as Vend has not concept of categories. 

Warning! When this option is enabled all products will be updated to match category information from Vend, meaning if you have products in categories that don't match Vend data, that category information will be deleted.

Enabling this option will allow you to sync products from Vend to categories in WooCommerce by one of two options: 

  1. Tags - Vend tags are mapped to existing categories in WooCommerce – if no category has been set up in WooCommerce, tags will not be mapped. Subcategories are recognised when the different paths are separated by “ / ” (space/space). For example, if you tag a product with Clothing / Women / Skirts in Vend, it will map to the following category structure in WooCommerce: 
    - Clothing
    -- Women
    --- Skirts 
    Info! Do not include commas ( , ) in your tags - the tags will not sync correctly due to the way Vend treats tags in their API.
  2. Product types - Vend product types are mapped to existing categories in WooCommerce – if no category has been set up in WooCommerce, product types will not be mapped.

Product Status

2W, V2W

Enable this option if you want newly created product in WooCommerce to be set to 'Pending Review' so that you can review and update new product before they are published in your WooCommerce store. 

Import by Tag

2W, V2W

Enable this option if you only want product in Vend with specific tags to be synced to your WooCommerce store. This might be of benefit if you don't want all product in your Vend store syncing to your WooCommerce store.

Select one or more tags from the list to only sync product with matching tags. This option has no impact on syncing product from Vend to WooCommerce.

Info! Once a Vend product is synced to WooCommerce, changing its tag in Vend will not remove it from WooCommerce - you will need to manually set it to Draft or delete it. Be careful deleting product though, because if you have the Delete option enabled below, it may also delete your product from Vend depending on which Product Syncing Type you select.
Warning! If you are planning to sync orders from Vend to WooCommerce per Order Sync Settings, then we advise against using this option - products MUST exist in the destination store, otherwise the order sync will fail, so you would need to have all product in Vend also present in your WooCommerce store.


2W, V2W

Select this option to have product images in Vend synced to products in WooCommerce. Images can not be synced from WooCommerce to Vend as Vend's API (their interface that enables us to sync your WooCommerce data your Vend store) does not support syncing of images. Options are: 

Once - this option will sync images from Vend to WooCommerce products on creation of a new product, or if an existing product in WooCommerce does not have an image.

Ongoing - this option provides the same function as Once, but will update product images if the they are modified in Vend. For example, if you update an image for a product in Vend, then that update images will be synced to the corresponding product in WooCommerce.

Create New

2W, V2W

Select this option if you want 'new' products from Vend created in WooCommerce automatically. If this option is not enabled, then new products will not be created in WooCommerce - you will need to manually create them, after which, they will be kept in sync. 


2W, V2W, W2V

Danger! Enable this option with care - deletion of product in both Vend and WooCommerce stores is permanent. Users could delete a product from one store not realising it will be deleted in the other.

Select this option if you want product permanently deleted. Depending on which Product Syncing Type you select, if products are deleted in one store, they will immediately be deleted from the other. 

In the case of WooCommerce, if you move a product to trash, and then 'empty' the trash, then the related product in Vend will immediately be deleted. Likewise, if a product is deleted in Vend, then it will be deleted from your WooCommerce store. 


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