How to Upgrade eParcel Plugin to Latest Version

How to Upgrade eParcel Plugin to Latest Version

We constantly updating our plugin to apply enhancements and fixes of bugs from the previous version.

Is it safe to upgrade the the latest version?

This is the basic question when there is new version released. The answer is YES, we make sure that the latest version will continue to work from previous versions but with added features/enhancement and fixes any bugs reported from the  old versions. You may backup your files prior to the upgrade but we can assure that it will not affect the whole website when upgrading to the latest version. It will only update the eParcel plugin files.

How to Upgrade? It's very easy and will only take you few minutes.

  • Login to your web admin site
  • Go to Plugins on left Menu and choose "Installed Plugins".

  • Scroll down and look for linksync eParcel (You would the see what's the current version installed)
  • If the new version is available, you should see this note as per screenshot below.
  • Just click Update and should be fully updated in few minutes

You may then check the plugin and do some test to ensure everything is working as it is.



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