Version 2.5.18 - 11 September 2017 Release

Version 2.5.18 - 11 September 2017 Release


  • [LQ-121] - Products from Woo is not imported to QBO but Setup Wizard says import to QBO completed 100%
  • [LQ-126] - Import to QBO/Woo popup buttons (Setup Wizard) are not working
  • [LQ-133] - Woo Product listings "In Quickbooks" indicator incorrectly tells variable product is not synced to QBO
  • [LQ-136] - Undefined index error shows up after fixing QBO default product empty SKU
  • [LQ-137] - Bulk import from QBO always restarts back to zero

New Feature

  • [LQ-124] - Update the Look and Feel of the Woo-QBO plugin
  • [LQ-125] - Update plugin file name so that it be editable when changing testing environment
  • Added bundle support
  • Added subscription support
  • Added search in synced Products and Orders
  • Added indicator if product or order is synced in QuickBooks
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