How to Upgrade eParcel plugin to Shipping & Tracking latest version

How to Upgrade eParcel plugin to Shipping & Tracking latest version

Download the  latest plugin extension from our Release Notes.

Before starting the upgrade, you need to make sure that you have completely despatched all consignments and there should be no open manifest. Australia Post wont allow to combine old consignments and new consignments with Shipping & Tracking.

1) Under cache management disable all the options

2) Check if your site have open manifest (If yes, please despatch it first before you proceed)

3) Copy and paste all files under zip file to your site root "public_html/"

4) When finish upload all the files, please logout and login again.

5) Go back to cache management and enabled all the options

6) Go to eParcel configuration page and enter your Charge account number, Shipping and tracking Key and Password.


After you've done all steps above, you can perform testing of the following:

  • Create consignment
  • Edit consignment
  • Add article
  • Edit each article
  • Edit shipping address
  • Delete consignment

You can do all the test on single order only. When doing the procedure above you will notice that the consignment number will change each time you perform each test action.


Expected result on testing: Consignment number will change each action above.

When you modify the consignment like you want to change the shipping address or other data of the order, consignment number will be replaced with new consignment number.


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