What's new with Shipping & Tracking API?

What's new with Shipping & Tracking API?

The LPS API and SFTP authentication has now changed to Shipping and Tracking API suite, it requires HTTP basic authentication. All requests require: (Request shipping & tracking api key and password)

  • a valid API key in the form of a username and password pair

The Shipping and Tracking API suite provides the ability for a merchant to create and electronically lodge the information required by Australia Post in one API request. Using this method the merchant must manage many of the activities required by Australia Post when sending parcels through our delivery network. These activities can be summarised as:

  1. Management of the required information applicable to the merchant’s charge account, postage products, and addressing standards to ensure that the information sent to Australia Post is correct
  2. Generation of unique consignment, article, and barcode identifiers according to the applicable Australia Post standards
  3. Generation and printing of the postage labels that are required to be applied to each parcel to be sent, and
  4. Generation and printing of the Order Summary document required by Australia Post when lodging the parcels

Shipping and Tracking API has new set of standards that needs to meet to successfully despatch or submit manifest:

  1. Article Dimensions should be at least 5cm or maximum 105cm.
  2. Total weight of all item contents is less than or equal to item weight.
  3. Should have valid telephone number.
  4. Required fields are mandatory.
  5. The combination of authority to leave and partial delivery allowed should be valid of  the charge code.
  6. Maximum volume must not exceed 0.25 m3.
  7. Modifying consignment will replace new consignment number.


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