Syncing Options for QuickBooks Online and Magento

Syncing Options for QuickBooks Online and Magento

You have two options for syncing product and orders between QuickBooks Online and Magento, but first, let's cover a few basics. 

Regardless of which syncing option you select, the linksync solution was engineered to automatically have changes synced immediately for both products and orders, so depending on the sync option you chose, within a few moments of making a change in one system, the change/s should be applied to the synced store. 

How do we do this? We use a series of 'webhooks' that will inform the linked store of any changes. For example, when you make a change in Magento, linksync will notify your QuickBooks Online store of the change, and vice versa. 

Be sure to follow the recommendations below for your chosen syncing option. If you don't follow our recommendations, your Magento and QuickBooks Online stores will get out of sync quickly. 

If you have any questions about the best syncing option for your business, let us know and we'll step you through it. 

Admin > System > Linksync > Configuration

Product Sync Options

linksync provides two syncing options for keeping your QuickBooks Online and Magento stores in sync: 

  1. Two-way
  2. QuickBooks Online to Magento

Each option is explained in more detail below, along with the required steps to get you up and running ASAP for each. 

Two-way syncing

With this option product data is kept in sync between both systems, so changes to products and inventory can be made in either your Magento or QuickBooks Online store and those changes will be synced to the other store within a few moments. 

This is the simplest option for keeping your Magento or QuickBooks Online stores in sync as you don't need to enable an Order Sync method to keep both stores in sync - direct product updates, as well as changes to inventory resulting from orders, are immediately synced to the linked store, so your product data is always up-to-date, based on the Product Sync options you select

QuickBooks Online to Magento

With this option, QuickBooks Online is the 'master' when it comes to managing product and inventory, and product updates are one-way, from QuickBooks Online to Magento - product and inventory data does not update back to QuickBooks Online from Magento. 

So depending on the Product Sync options you select, product quantity and pricing will be set in QuickBooks Online, and Magento will follow. 

Info! In order to keep QuickBooks Online up-to-date with sales orders that are received in your Magento store, you must enable Order Syncing from Magento to QuickBooks Online, covered below.


Use the Disable option to prevent any product syncing from taking place between your QuickBooks Online and Magento. 

Order Sync Options

Enabling Order Syncing is optional if you're using Two-way product syncing - it's not necessary to enable an option here - do so only if you want to consolidate all orders received from either your Magento or QuickBooks Online store in one store. 

If on the other hand, you're using either QuickBooks Online to Magento or Magento to QuickBooks Online then you'll need to enable order syncing to ensure both stores stay in sync. 

Unlike Product Sync options, there is no 'two-way' option for syncing orders. 

Info! Keep in mind that orders in QuickBooks Online can not be altered once created. So if you are syncing orders from Magento to QuickBooks Online and you need to modify product on an order in Magento, you will need to manually update QuickBooks Online with any changes.

Magento to QuickBooks Online

If you're using the QuickBooks Online to Magento product syncing option, then you need to enable this option so that any sales in Magento are synced to QuickBooks Online - this ensures that the inventory levels in QuickBooks Online are updated based on any orders entered in Magento. See Order Sync Settings for options regarding the syncing of Magento order data to QuickBooks Online. 

Info! If you're using the Two-way syncing option and want to have all Magento orders consolidated in QuickBooks Online, rather than simply having the inventory changes synced, then select this option.


Use the Disable option to prevent any orders syncing between QuickBooks Online and Magento stores. This is the default setting if you're using Two-way product syncing, as this option does not require order syncing. 

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