QuickBooks Online and Magento - Start Here

QuickBooks Online and Magento - Start Here

The following guide is intended to get you up and running with linksync Quickbooks for Magento as quickly as possible. 

Note: Before starting the integration process, you need to Setup Tax in Magento and the Magento version should be or below.

    1. Review our FAQs for QuickBooks Online and Magento to familiarise yourself with the features and limitations of the solution.
    2. Sign up for linksync(if you haven't already) and select the '+' button next to Magento and QuickBooks Online integration - in doing so you'll be issued with a unique API Key. You'll need this when configuring linksync QuickBooks Online for Magento. 
    3. Download latest version at Release notes for linksync QuickBooks Online for Magento
    4. Install basic extension files following our Installing Magento Extensions guide to install the linksync QuickBooks Online for Magento.
    5. Open Magento Admin > System > Linksync > Configuration > Enter API code and Save.
    6. Setup Tax on QuickBooks Online.
    7. Configure Tax Mapping on Product Syncing Settings.
    8. Configure Tax Mapping on Order Syncing Settings.

You should be able to start syncing Products and Orders of your Magento and QuickBooks Online.

 Happy Syncing!

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